Servers down for the time being

05 Jun 2019  |  News  |   0
We have migrated to a different host. Testing is underway. Stay tuned...

Clan Arena Server map rotation update, chat sounds, and a welcome to a clan!

06 Apr 2018  |  News  |   0

The following maps were added to the Clan Arena rotation:


Added chat sounds!

When connected, write !listsounds #help and see the output in your console.

Say hello to kHz!

As of now, the servers will be the official home servers of the Killahurtz QL Clan/Gaming Community. With an increasing amount of players leaving the old Quakes for Quake Champions, we as two Canadian QL communities are syndicating in an effort to keep this game alive for as long as possible. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask Laval, the head of the community, or any of the other players with the clan tag kHz. Stay tuned, as we will soon update the site links with their forums and Steam Group.

Happy Spring Fragging!

QL Servers Up and Running!

21 Jan 2018  |  News  |   0
Deathmatch and Clan Arena
Check out the servers page, or the sidebar for info on how to join. The servers are also advertised in Quake Live's inbuilt browser.

Want to host host your server as well?
We currently have space for more servers. Please go to the contact section (you do not need to register) and tell us what kind of QL server you wish to host, and why.


1) The server's name will be of the current format: | Fast Servers in Toronto | YOUR TEXT HERE
For instance:
  • | Fast Servers in Toronto | ClanWarz
  • | Fast Servers in Toronto | ClanX's GamemodeX

2) Must have a purpose. We don't want to be filled up with servers that constantly run empty.

3) You must comply with the server's and US/Canada laws. No piracy, illegal materials, etc.

4) You are the administrator of the server instance. You will be responsible for banning hackers, exploiters, and people that are trying to crack the server or flood it. If things get out of hand, you are urged to notify the staff.

5) These servers run free of charge and do not accept donations as of yet. Please do not solicit any donations or run advertisements of any sort.

Failure to comply with these basic rules will result in termination of the server(s).

How to Apply
Go to the contact form, which is accessible through the 'Contact' link in the top bar. Be sure to use your correct e-mail address without any typos. PLEASE ALSO PROVIDE YOUR STEAM ID SOMEWHERE IN THE BODY SO THAT YOU MAY BE CONTACTED WITH EASE.
Optionally, you may want to join our Official Steam Group



Clan Arena